This is the online portfolio of VCU Brandcenter Creative Technologist Rachel Mercer. Yes, I'm the droid you're looking for. Peruse at your own risk.


Strategic thinking is baked-in, a part of every execution and born out of an anthropological viewpoint. I went to Montessori school, and have never stopped asking questions about the world around me; driven by a desire to dig just a little deeper. People-watching is a skill, not a social awkwardness. I'm a firm believer in end to end strategy, don't Balkanize the process.

Qualitative Research, Behavioral Psych, Trends


I received my undergraduate degree in graphic design, which means I can use all those fancy buzzwords like "kerning" and "gestalt" while actually being able to apply them. I can make websites, mockups, and brand identities with a well-designed foundation. This also means that your Art Director won't need to hold my hand or give me a style guide every step of the way.

Creative Suite, Graphic Design, UX / UI / IA


No, I'm not saying that I'm a "social media expert". I'm a digital native - an overly active user of anything from microblogging services, to site analytics, to some nitty-gritty HTML. If you need someone who "get's it" - I'm your gal. Need proof? I'm a Content Editor at Tumblr, a ROFLCon Staffer, a former Gawker employee , and I had a Twitter account before Oprah did.

Content Strategy, Front End Development

Featured Work

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Nike Kickflip

The Nike KickFlip is a personal filming system that tracks a skaters location to help them easily film their tricks. The KickFlip shoes are embedded with RFID tags, which link the Flip Cam to shoes.

  • Product Development
  • Website Design
  • Mobile Application

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Real Talk

RealTalk is a prototype chat bot that pulls in news stories from leading publications, filters through their content based on your preferred tags and delivers it to you in a simple headline + link format.

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The Pizza Button

The Pizza Hut Pizza Button removes nearly all of the steps required to order a pizza. Launch the app, which geolocates you, and your usual order is on its way in less than two taps on your phone.

  • Product Development
  • Mobile Design
  • Usability

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Prototype Web App - built in 10 days for SXSWi - where the front page visualizes the schedule while each individual panel page pulls in comments from various API's such as Twitter and Instagram.

  • Website Design
  • Project Management
  • Usability

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Borough Royale

We created a branded game experience for NYC to promote tourism and inter-borough travel. Borough Royale pitted the Boroughs against each other in Multiplayer ARG with role-playing elements.

  • Game Design
  • Website Design
  • Project Management

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My friends and I did a 24-hour "hackathon" where we aimed to build a site in 24 hours. This was it, it's a sleep tracking site that's been featured on Lifehacker.

  • Website Design
  • Development
  • Hackathon

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Presidential Costs

Data Visualization is a passion of mine. I realized that I didn't know much about our Presidents, nor did I really have a grasp on the National Debt - so I tried to visualize it. This was featured on Flowing Data in June of 2010.

  • Data Vis
  • Graphic Design

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Check In When You Check In

The hotel check-in process is cumbersome for frequent business travelers. You arrive at your hotel, wait in a variably long line, check-in, wait some more, and then finally get your keycard. Why not just streamline this process by giving you access to your hotel room once you check in on your phone?

  • Concept Development
  • Motion Graphics
  • Product Design
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